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We Connect

Click the link below to connect with us and we'll send you our planning questionnaire and answer any immediate questions you may have.


We Plan

After you complete the questionnaire, we'll schedule a Zoom or phone consult to go over your answers and confirm your session details.

Next, we'll send you our contract and an invoice for the session you've chosen. After that, your session date will be reserved on our calendar, and you'll be all set!


We Have Fun

It's session day! Get ready to have lots of fun spending time with your loved ones and doing the things that you love to do together. You get to focus on making memories--

we'll take care of the rest!



You See Your Photos/Film

We'll do all the heavy lifting of editing and finishing your photos and/or film. If photos were part of your session, we'll send you a watermarked gallery of your completed photos for you to choose from.


If you'd like to purchase an album or wall art, we'll decide on the photos to be included in these products together and get those orders in for you with our labs. 


We're Done!

We'll deliver your completed digital gallery and/or video electronically.

If you ordered printed products, we'll contact you once your orders arrive, and set a time for us to drop by and deliver your orders to your home. Then, you'll get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your gorgeous new family heirlooms.

Are you ready to start planning your session?

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