A Day in the Life of the Doctor Family - Jacksonville Family Photographer

I've been photographing important moments for the Doctor family for years now, since their first baby, Ember, was born. They're always a joy to be around, and it was a privilege to be able to photograph a day in their life now that they're a family of four (plus three dogs)!

A day in the life of the Doctor family included breakfast at their home in Jacksonville, Florida, playtime in the yard, building a new fence for the kid's play area, hanging out inside, going to the Riverside Arts Market, painting, bath time, and dinner. I was with them from the time their children started to wake up at 7 AM until their son's bedtime, and was able to capture so many special moments, from sweet cuddles with mom and dad to dramatic toddler tantrums and mischief-making, and everything in between.

Here's what the Doctor family had to say about their session: "I honestly cried looking at the photos. It’s so strange looking at my life from the outside. I enjoy looking at these photos as I got to enjoy my kids and not try to document everything myself. I wish we could do this a lot more often. The moments are beautiful, sweet, playful, moving, and all so important. I was surprised about how many times my kids were caught smiling... it’s always hard to catch their smiles without posing them. I liked the naturalness of it all. I was worried that my kids would hide all day and be super grumpy because Ember normally hates pictures unless it’s her idea. You wouldn’t be able to tell she hates taking pictures by the way the gallery looks. They capture her natural, fun-loving spirit. The interactions between all of us got captured perfectly.

I love documentation and these are done in a way I physically cannot do alone. It’s so important to get moments like this printed and shared. I think Ollie and Ember are going to love having images of mom and dad and the dogs included with them through a normal day."

Would you like real, intimate family photos like this?

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