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1. How many photos can we expect to see from our session?

I will typically show you between 50-100 images, depending on the length of your session. You don't need to decide how many digital images or what printed products you want until you see your images in the online gallery. I only want you to walk away with photos and products you LOVE!


2. What sort of timeline can we expect for each step in the process?

After your session, I will get started on editing your family photos and/or film. If you pre-purchased a family film, the fully edited and finished film will be delivered to you within 4-6 weeks. If you booked for family photos, you will receive a watermarked gallery of your photos within 3-4 weeks for you to choose from. You will have 2 weeks to review your gallery and make decisions about which digital images you'd like to purchase or if you'd like the full gallery, at which point I will send you an invoice for the digital image package you've chosen. 

If you would also like printed products, I am happy to meet with you via Zoom if you'd like help deciding what photos to have printed. Once you’ve made decisions about products and have pre-paid for them, I will send your orders in to our artisan labs and can expect to receive them within 6-8 weeks from the date of the order. As soon as I receive your finished products, I will contact you to set up a date and time to deliver them to your home.

3. What should we wear?

Please wear what you normally would! If we’re starting your session in the morning and you would usually be in your pajamas, that’s what you should still be wearing! If your kids are going swimming, get them in their swimsuits. If you’ll be lounging around the house, wear what’s comfortable for you. I do recommend avoiding shirts with large logos or very bright, highlighter-colored hues, but if that’s your kid’s absolute favorite shirt at the moment, they should wear it loud and proud! Most importantly, no matching white shirts and khaki pants allowed unless that’s what you wear in your daily life.

4. What should we plan to do?

I’ll help you to decide this based off of your answers to the questionnaire I'll send you. For shorter sessions, most of my families will plan some activities to do together as a family—this might be going to the beach, going swimming, baking cookies at home, eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner together, cooking, going to the farmer's market, taking the dog for a walk—anything that your family loves to do right now that you want to remember later.

For longer sessions, you don’t need to plan anything at all! You’ll just go about your normal routine, and I’ll document it for you. This might include a run to the grocery store, nap time, play time, bringing your child to their dance class—your normal, daily life is beautiful and absolutely worth capturing.

5. What if my house is too messy?

If your house is normally messy, it should stay messy. If your house is normally spotless, then you’re a wizard and I would love to know how you do it.

It’s my job as your photographer and film-maker to make beautiful imagery in the midst of your normal messiness, or to embrace it and show the chaos that is real life, depending on the moment. You don’t need to worry about doing anything out of the ordinary—this is real life, not real estate photography.

6. What if I don’t like the way I look first thing in the morning?

I get it. You may not feel your freshest first thing, without your teeth brushed, your hair washed, or your makeup on. But your kids, significant other, and/or pets don’t notice these things; they love you for you. So try to embrace and love yourself anyway, because they will, and they want to be able to remember you. However, if capturing these early morning moments isn't a priority for you, you can book a session later in the day for when everyone's up and ready.

7. But what if we’re not interesting enough?

Every family is interesting, they just don’t realize it. The most magical moments happen when you’re helping your child brush their teeth, when they’re going down for a nap, when you’re eating a meal together, or when you’re snuggling with your dog on the couch. You don’t have to have anything out of the ordinary planned—your ordinary life is enough.

8. What if there are parts of my day where I want privacy?

I operate on an open-door policy. If you want privacy, just close the door, and I won’t go in there. No worries.

9. Do you only document certain types of families, like families with young kids?

Not at all! I think all families of all shapes and sizes are unique and beautiful, and offer sessions for anyone. Single mothers, members of the LGBTQ community, families with children with disabilities, families with only fur-children, big extended families who love to all gather together in one home for a meal, and anyone else not mentioned here—all of you have moments that are special and should be captured so that you can remember them, and I’d love to be there to document them for you.

10. Do you offer fully posed sessions?

We will incorporate some guided portraits at the end of the session (and for family films, some Q&A time so I can make sure I have voice clips of each of your loved ones speaking). However, if you're looking for a fully posed session, there are many talented Jacksonville photographers that I'd encourage you to get in touch with instead, to make sure you get everything you want out of your session!


11. Do you do sessions for special occasions? Vacations? Adoption days? Gotcha days for pets?

Absolutely! We’ll talk about what you’re looking for during your Zoom consult, but if you have a special occasion coming up in your life that you know you’re going to want to remember forever, I’m all ears. The first day you’re bringing your newborn baby home from the hospital. The day you went to pick up your new puppy. The day you spent with your family member who has been recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. A birthday. A family reunion. The day you treated your elderly dog to the best day of his life and fed him hamburgers and took him to his favorite park, because you're going to have to say goodbye to him soon. The day you spent on vacation at the beach with your family. The happy and the sad—if you want to remember it, I can be there to capture it for you.

Sounds good? Have more questions?

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